The Utah Marriage Education Discount (MED)

 Utah couples can get a $20 Marriage Education Discount (MED) on their Utah marriage license when they complete approved marriage education or counseling and apply for their marriage license online. Here's how it works:


  • Complete 6 hours of approved marriage education or 3 hours of premarital counseling (email for a link to a FREE online course!)


  • Fill out an ONLINE Utah marriage license application and enter your discount code. Currently, Utah County is the only county offering an online marriage license application and the MED discount. Click HERE to learn more!

  •  Get your $20 discount!  PLUS, you qualify to take advantage of incredible discounts on wedding products and services from participating vendors! Check out the list HERE

For more information, visit our MED FAQ page , FAQs for providers of premarital counseling or education, or email us at