Purpose & Activities of the Utah Marriage Commission

What does the Utah Marriage Commission do?


  • Promote coalitions and collaborative efforts to uphold and encourage a strong and healthy culture of strong and lasting marriages and stable families
  •  Contribute to greater awareness of the importance of marriage and leading to reduced divorce and unwed parenthood in the state
  • Promote public policies that support marriage
  • Promote programs and activities that educate individuals and couples on how to achieve strong, successful, and lasting marriages, including promoting and assisting in the offering of:
    • Events, classes, and services, including those designed to promote strong, healthy, and lasting marriages and prevent domestic violence
    • Marriage and relationship education conferences for the public and professionals
    • Enrichment seminar
  • Actively promote measures designed to maintain and strengthen marriage, family,
    and the relationships between spouses and parents and children
  • Support volunteerism and private financial contributions and grants in partnership with the commission and in support of the commission's purposes and activities for the benefit of the state
  • Regularly publicize information on premarital counseling and education services available in the