Enhancing Your Marriage

Factors that Make A Difference

Why do marriages fail? 

What contributes to success in marriage? 

For couples embarking on marriage, and for those already married, there are several important factors shown by research to make a difference. 

Kindness Builds Strong Marriages

Today many scholars would say that 

the most important element in a successful marriage is kindness! 

Take Specific Steps to Nuture Love

In an era of marital instability, how do we keep marital love alive and growing? We can learn much about strengthening our marriages from those whose marriages are doing well. 

Putting Spark Back in Marriage

One of the best ways I know to overcome daily discouragements is to give yourself a gift that 

will pay dividends for the future. This gift would enhance a marital relationship, and 

is inexpensive. HERE IS A LIST

Keep the Glow in Your Marriage

 How can you keep that glow going 

in your marriage? It is possible to keep love 

and romance alive in your marriage with 

some planning and effort. 

Make Wedding Anniversaries Meningful

For most marriages the wedding anniversaries spent together will be less than fifty, pointing out the need to make each one count as though it might be the last. 


Can We Talk? Improving Couples Communication

Couples who have healthy marriages love and respect each other and use many methods to communicate that to each other.

Making the Most of Your Marriage

Marriage is a process. The individuals in a relationship, as well as the marital relationship itself, go through stages and have the potential for continuous growth. 

Learning Languages of Love in Marriage

Love is more than words. It is more than an occasional gift. Love is a commitment to another person that shows itself in our willingness to adapt to and cooperate with another person. It is hard work. 

Listening--With Your Heart as Well as Your Ears

Listening is the art of connecting with another person so you fully understand what they are saying and feeling. It is a vital and necessary skill needed in creating and maintaining a marriage, in parenting children effectively, and in working together and making effective decisions on the job. 

Is Your Marriage Relationship Functioning at Full Potential?

Approximately 90 percent of the population will marry at some point in their lives. More than 40 percent of those marrying for the first time will divorce usually during the early years of their marriage. Most marriages are not operating at their full potential. 

Conflict Management

Conflict Management & Resolution

In a successful marriage, couples have more positive than negative interactions.  

Positive interactions and good times help 

couples feel loved and respected.  

Anger and Marriage

When either of the spouses feels angry feelings coming on, those angry feelings should be expressed in words, but the words should be expressed calmly and with love. 

"Fighting Fair" in Marriage

Don't set into motion a hurtful, destructive method of responding to differences and resolving disagreements. Disagreement and conflict are part of the daily lives of many couples because marriage provides a fertile ground in which the seeds of conflict can germinate. 

Getting Past Problems to Solutions

It is natural for marriages to get stuck. 

Within a couple of years of being together most couples discover some issues and 

differences that don’t get resolved.  

Managing Conflict Successfully

Just because interpersonal conflict is common doesn't mean it has to be negative and destructive. We must understand when conflict occurs and avoid falling prey to some of its common myths and misconceptions.

Manage Anger- Family Meetings

Regular family meetings can promote family harmony by providing a safe time and place for making decisions, recognizing good things happening in the family, setting up rules, settling conflicts, and pointing out individual strengths. 

Marriage and Sex

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

Sex not only feels good. It can also be good for you. Here’s what a healthy sex life can do for you. 

Sex Schedule

Why You Need a Sex Schedule. Sometimes you need to schedule sex for it to happen at all

Children's Influence on Marriage

Children Bring Changes to A Relationship

Few people realize how much having children will change their lives. Prospective parents can read about children’s needs, but still be perplexed when they realize how much time caring for children can take 

Parenting: Success: A Team Effort

Every day, parents are faced with decisions about how to raise their children. How parents 

negotiate their childrearing beliefs and 

their day-to-day shared parenting 

responsibilities is called coparenting. 

Impact of Infants on Family Life

Having a new member of the family is typically 

an exciting, welcomed event. Often, though, 

the transition from nonparent to 

parent is a very stressful one

And Baby Makes Three!

The arrival of a couple's first baby is a time of great joy but it inevitably involves many changes in their daily life and their relationship.