A Guidebook for Couples at the Crossroads of Divorce


Are you and your spouse considering divorce?

This guidebook is designed to be a resource to individuals who may be thinking about getting a divorce or whose spouse is thinking about divorce. These individuals are at the “crossroads of divorce,” facing a challenging decision that has powerful consequences for the future of their own lives, the lives of family members, and their communities. The guidebook contains research-based information about important questions that individuals at the crossroads of divorce often have, such as: Can my marriage be repaired and can we be happy again? Is divorce a reliable path to happiness? What are the effects of divorce on children, adults, and the communities they live in? What are the legal options for ending a marriage? 

With objective information and self-guided, written exercises, the authors try to answer these questions and many more in this guidebook and help individuals at the crossroads of divorce think clearly about the best path forward for themselves and their children. 


GUIDEBOOK- Should.I.Keep.Trying (pdf)