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10 Money Talk Tips for Families

A Spending Plan

Families have to make some decisions about how they want to live and how they want to spend or use their resources, such as time, energy, interests, abilities and money. 

Budgeting Systems When There are Two Earners in the Household

There are serious questions that need to be discussed by both partners. No one system will fit everyone, because individual needs, values, skills, interests, attitudes and personalities differ.  

Budgeting: The Basics and Beyond

 Budgeting is a word which usually gets negative reactions from people. But, a budget can help you use the money you have more effectively.  

Can You "Afford" to be Happy?

Does money make us happy? Better yet, does having more money make us happier? 

We've probably all thought about these questions from time to time. 

Making Financial Plans Together

Financial planning is important for you because many family conflicts revolve around acquiring, keeping and spending money. Many people make their lives miserable through constant striving for more and more money and material possessions in an effort to achieve economic security. 

Relationship Skills Classes/ Online courses

The Five Love Languages

 “The 5 Love Languages"
Author Gary Chapman explains the philosophy behind The 5 Love Languages™. Learn how to identify your own and your partner’s Love Language and how to apply it in your relationship. This 1-hour DVD can be checked out free from USU county Extension Offices. 

Self-Directed PREP

PREP is a skills and principles-building curriculum designed to help partners get to the heart of problems and enhance their marital bonds.  A self-directed set of DVDs can be checked out free from USU county Extension offices. 

Relate Questionnaire

An online relationship questionnaire designed to provide you with research-based feedback about how you are doing in your relationship.  RELATE costs $20/person.  Click HERE to get started. 

e-PREP Love Takes Learning

Engaged? Planning a wedding? Add this to your planning!  Sign up for a free online marriage prep course   This offer is valid for engaged couples. At least one partner must currently reside in Utah, or  have plans to live in Utah soon .  Email utahprep@utah.gov for a FREE online code. 

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