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Escape Together- Date Night in Weber County 13th of April/ $45 per couple

Growing Your Relationship- Ogden Date Night 27th of April / $25 per couple

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Are you engaged and living in Utah?  Sign up for a free online marriage prep course    Email utahprep@utah.gov for a FREE online code.  

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Argosy University is offering a 3 hour complimentary Marital Checkup! 

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Marriage Handbook

The Utah Marriage Handbook is free to Utah residents. If you are a resident of Utah and would like physical copies sent to you, click on "Request Free Copies" on the link below. You may also download a free digital version. Copies are available in English and Spanish. All of this information is facilitated by clicking HERE .

Marriage Mechanic

 Often, in romantic relationships, we find ourselves needing to work on two or three areas.  As a Marriage Mechanic your tasks may be as simple as learning more effective ways to listen to your partner, or perhaps, you need to identify how to more effectively talk.